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House concert impresario Steve Peer: “The coolest guy we know”

ELLSWORTH – There’s a hubbub of cheerful chatter, and it’s difficult to make out what Celtic/rock contemporary/fusion musicians Carmel Mikol, Rachel Davis, and Darren McMullen are saying. “We’re not even a band,” says Mikol, who adds, “We’re free radicals.” Or maybe it’s, “We’re three radicals.” The three are scheduled to perform shortly at the home […]

A family’s Friendship, a fleet’s friendly ways

SOUTHWEST HARBOR – Three generations of Zubers are aboard the Friendship sloop Gladiator on a terrifically hot Saturday in July. “Did you see, last night? There were, like, a thousand squids over there,” says nine-year-old Liam, who points to the sea. “It was so cool.” The boat is temporarily tied up to a town dock […]

Cheerful farewell for Bernard postmaster

BERNARD – Year-round and summer residents here were popping into the post office throughout the day, on July 27, for a retirement party for Linda Musson. Musson will retire from nearly 25 years as postmaster on July 31. All together, she has served 39 years with the United States Postal Service. Before Bernard, she served […]

Gwen Schwartz: An artist’s creative fire, remembered

NORTHEAST HARBOR – Gwen Elizabeth Schwartz was a young artist who is remembered by friends and family for her bold vision, independent thinking, spontaneity, and fierce spirit. Gwen was 21 when she died suddenly, on April 5, 2011 in New York City, not long after receiving a possible diagnosis of bipolar disorder. She attended Mount […]

Four decades with the postal service, Linda Musson will retire

BERNARD – It’s the day after the Fourth of July, a little busier than usual at the Bernard Post Office. An early-afternoon customer is at the counter, where postmaster Linda Musson weighs a package and counts out change. “Nine dollars and here’s a penny right here. There you go!” says Musson. “Okay, thank-you,” says the […]

Frank Keenan Serves up a Hearty Roadside Menu

Frank Keenan works the grill inside his food truck, Keenan’s Roadside Kitchen. The pull-out where he’s located, on Route 102, has maybe half a dozen cars and pickups parked there, this lunch hour. Folks pop out of their vehicles and amble up to the truck’s service window to order one or another of Keenan’s specialties, […]

Josh Lawson of Bernard Catches 257lb Halibut

TREMONT – Josh Lawson of Bernard was pulling up his longline on a recent Wednesday morning when he saw “a big fish coming up.” It was a 257-pound, 7.3-foot –long Atlantic halibut. Josh Lawson, left, at Thurston’s wharf with the 257-pound halibut he caught on May 16. With him is Mike Conners, who scooted out […]