Steve Spurling: 92 and still building boats

steve with boat

SOUTHWEST HARBOR – At Jarvis Newman’s boat shop, on Main Street in Southwest Harbor, the walls are full of framed photos of old boats. Newman was one of the first fiberglass boatbuilders on the Maine coast, producing hulls for luxury yachts, commercial fishing boats, and Friendship sloops at the rate of one every two weeks […]

A Rich heritage: “All I wanted to do was build boats”


TREMONT – “I built boats from the time I could walk,” says Robert “Chummy” Rich. “Most of them wouldn’t float. If they did, they’d float upside down.” When Rich was a young kid, he liked nothing better than to hang out with his grandfather, locally renowned boatbuilder Clifton Rich. He borrowed scraps of lumber from […]

House concert impresario Steve Peer: “The coolest guy we know”


ELLSWORTH – There’s a hubbub of cheerful chatter, and it’s difficult to make out what Celtic/rock contemporary/fusion musicians Carmel Mikol, Rachel Davis, and Darren McMullen are saying. “We’re not even a band,” says Mikol, who adds, “We’re free radicals.” Or maybe it’s, “We’re three radicals.” The three are scheduled to perform shortly at the home […]

Ikemiya: The ragtime, sparkle-divine Peace Farm state of mind

cut elderberry

BAR HARBOR – Masanobu Ikemiya is a concert pianist, conductor, and recording artist, a foremost exponent of American ragtime, the founder of the summertime Arcady Music Festival in Maine and of the New York Ragtime Orchestra, and a Zen Buddhist disciple. His wife, Tomoko, is a former nurse-midwife, psychologist, and college instructor. She now manages […]

Richard Stanley and wooden boats: From legacy to beyond

richard.ryan 2011

SOUTHWEST HARBOR – Ever since he was a little boy, Richard Stanley has been immersed in a world of the finest craftsmanship at the hands of some of Mount Desert Island’s top wooden boatbuilders. Today, he has become something of a standard-bearer for the art and craft of wooden boatbuilding, through Great Harbor Boatworks, the […]

Island Artisans: A vibrant cooperative

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BAR HARBOR – Celebrating its 30 anniversary this year, Island Artisans is a vibrant shop that showcases the works of more than 100 Maine artisans. The cooperative got its start with a group of just 11 local artists, who found strength in numbers. The store is currently owned and managed by five of the original artists: […]

A family’s Friendship, a fleet’s friendly ways

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SOUTHWEST HARBOR – Three generations of Zubers are aboard the Friendship sloop Gladiator on a terrifically hot Saturday in July. “Did you see, last night? There were, like, a thousand squids over there,” says nine-year-old Liam, who points to the sea. “It was so cool.” The boat is temporarily tied up to a town dock […]